Jul 11, 2011

July Girl

Thanks for sweet P. who took the photo for me.
Kaikki on hirveän epävarmaa nyt.

Or in other words: The state I am in now.

Jul 10, 2011

Cute As A Button

Ostin matkaltani astioita yli kymmenen kiloa. Mutta toistaiseksi yli kymmenen lautasta ja muutama muu riisikulho matkustavat vielä merellä. Tämän yhden pienen pikkuruisen posliinilautasen ostin ja kiedoin vaatekappaleisiin matkalaukussani.  

Or in other words: I'm a huge fan of Japanese ceramics. I specially love the geometric patterns. I actually own a few, but on Tokyo's Kappabashi-dori I found ten more plates to complete my set (with a friction of the cost). 

But so far the plates and a few rice bowls are still on their journey in a parcel set in my home address. I stashed only this one tiny pretty plate in my luggage.

Another Entry With A Post-it Note

Olen post-it -lappujen rakastaja. 

Or in other words: I love a good post-it.

Jul 7, 2011

So This Is June In Retrospect Part 2


June made me feel very small. But very in place, too. 


Jul 6, 2011

So This Is In Retrospect


Olin aika muualla koko kesäkuun.

Or in better words: I was away for the better part of the month. So this is June in retrospect.