Oct 26, 2011

The Right Time

Picture from Stillebenshop.
Voisipa viikonloppuna kääntää tämän seinäkellon viisareita. Birgitte Due Madsenin & Jonas Trampedachin keraaminen seinäkello on ihana.
Or in other words: Changing clocks back coming weekend, I kind of wish I had one - a cute one. As my taste - like everything else around me - is in a continuos state of metamorphosis, it's a tricky pick. I want things to be simple and light, yet elegant and interesting & perhaps little quirky - but not too much.

Yesterday browsing I think I found it - the perfect wall clock to reflect my time! The pretty ceramic wall clock by Birgitte Due Madsen & Jonas Trampedach would gently remind of the time, I think, and not too loud or pressing.

Pity it's out of my price range at the moment!  

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