Dec 9, 2013

New Member Of The Cabinet

Olen liittynyt kulttiin. Kultissa palvotaan ja ihastellaan vanhoja liinavaatekaappeja. Hankkisin toisenkin, jos olisi tilaa. Tämä kaunis liinavaatekaappi haettiin kotiin syyskuussa ja ihasteöen sitä päivittäin. En ole vielä raaskinut edes täyttää sitä tavaroilla, ihastellut vain sitä mahdollisuutta, että voisin. Se on samanaikaisesti niin käytännöllinen, paitsi siis kaunis. Avainkin on tallella. 

Or in other words: I have joined a cult. In this cult we collect and treasure old linen cabinets. Often we love in teak. I'd get more if it were humanly possible to put another one here. I bought this from local Internet auction on September. Still treasure it: it holds stuff, even! With a lock and a key! Haven't gotten much to that, yet, I just marvel how something so pretty can also be practical. Practicality isn't my strong point. Am amazed how I own this practical and pretty with a fancy name.   


  1. my grandmum used to have this in black and white, so stylish! she gave it to my sister when she (my grandmum) moved from Bandung to Jakarta, but i think now my sister had to leave it behind when she (my sis) moved to Bali... :'( if only it's easy to pack & send here and there.. like, here to Finland! you would've loved it!

  2. Y-e-s. It might cost a small fortune to ship it here, but think of how nice story it would make!