Jan 13, 2011

Drink From Me!

Nämä lasit näyttävät siltä että niistä kuuluisi juoda itsetehtyä marjamehua kesämökillä. Varmaan tulevaa kesää ajatellen ostin nämä lumisesta Porvoosta kirpparilta 50 sentillä kappale.

Or in other words: These glasses clearly belong to the summer. Summer, hurry up!  


  1. You must have the best blog-title ever; love it. And - if your profile isn't irony, it sounds like me. A bit.

    Drink from those glasses every day; maybe it will help!

    Have a silly weekend!

  2. Oh t h a n k y o u ! The blog title is a little bit stolen, I'm afraid - a brilliant friend of mine used it once or twice. Originally it is of course from the band Camera Obscura. I've been underachieving for a quite some time in my life, knowing I could do better - job, education, economics, relationships, writing, reading, painting, taking pictures, what ever - so I felt nothing else really fitted.

    I visited your blog & enjoyd the beautiful pictures, thank you for your visit & nice comment! Hope you have a pleasant starting week!