Mar 29, 2010

Grey Today - Sunshine Ahead!

What a grey Monday! Easter is not a week ahead though, and someone informed me that fine weather & warmth are coming on for Easter break! I don't watch television and even when I try I fall asleep during the weather procastination, so it's good that there is people who know these things so I am not completely ignorant & in the cloud.

My green thumb is up! The few sunny days we had tripled the size of my kitchen pot plant (no clue on Latin name). Bad news is that Susanna's fern died, though. What a pity & sorrow. I am truly ashamed. I tried, I really did. But ferns are not my thing. Hope she can forgive me & never let anyone have their precious plants in my lopsy care. I promise to give her a new one, less hard to keep alive, even though nothing can really amount to that particular fern.

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