Apr 16, 2010

Halutaan Ostaa: Keittiön Kaapistot

Inspiraatiokuvat Dos Family ja Bolig via Hello Tiger.

Olen fiilistellyt viime aikoina alkuperäisiä keittiöitä. Vanhoissa taloissa keittiöitä uusittu montakin kertaa. Mutta vielä 70-luvulta näkee keittiöiden rakenteissa aitoa puuta, inhimillisiä, pieniä mittoja ja hienoja, funktionaalisia, mutta persoonallisia vetimiä. Minulla on ikävä niitä. Näistä uusista puuttuu fiilistä. Ne ovat niin kalseita.

Tajusin, etten ole nähnyt oikeaa, puista kaapinovea pitkään aikaan. Suren etukäteen, että talossa, johon muutan, on keittiönkaapit circa 1993. Söötissä 50-luvun omakotitalossa voisi olla söötit 50-luvun keittiönkaapit, ellei jonkun vibat olisivat vaatineet mustaa marmoria.

Or in other words: I'm feeling the vintage kitchen. Way back when the men were probably not iron, the kitchen cabinets were at least real wood! Nowadays one can't tell if they're probably made out of gum.

I miss the real thing. Even in the 70's the standards were a bit more human and they had these crazy cool details in the handles. Next to them modern kitchens seem impersonal.

Interiors are the last to last, I know. People want their gadgets - and I do feel them. One simply can't put an isle midst peoples lives. But if I'm ever nutty enough to actually buy a hole of my own, I refuse anything that spells kitchen renovated. Or take a plunge to the trash bin.


  1. oh, i love the yellow in this kitchen! i've just been browsing through your blog archives - it's great! :)

  2. Oh, gulp, thank you so much from your kind words! As you may have noticed, I've barely started this & so the compliment really means to me! I like the Swedish yellow kitchen too, it's so great that they've actually kept the orinal kitchen cabinets instead of just jilting them & getting new ones. I love old stuff that is taken care of.

    Btw, the Hay chair is really getting a lot of thought in here. My boy friend has a similar Habitat retro clock in his wall already.

    Ps. I've browsed through your blog(s), too, and they look so wonderful and full of life! Love paper clippings!